Rep. Tipsword: Democrats Pass New Tax-and-Spend Budget

In the early morning hours Wednesday, the majority party in the Illinois House pushed through a $53.1billion, state budget for Fiscal Year 2025, the largest budget in Illinois history. To pay for their increased spending, Democrats included $1 billion in tax increases. State Representative Dennis Tipsword (R-Metamora) cast a resounding “no” vote.

“The majority party’s spending consistently outpaces revenues, and their solution is always the same…raise taxes on families and businesses!” Rep. Tipsword said. “The Governor again kept his promise to raise taxes by $1 billion to fund the illegal immigrant crisis he created; and worked with Democrat legislative leaders behind closed doors on a plan that forces you to pay more for their spending priorities, all while families across Illinois continue to struggle every day with sky-high inflation. It’s shameful.”