Committee Deadline, Stand Your Ground, Eclipse, and More

Committee Deadline

Today is the scheduled deadline for House members to move their bills out of House Committees to the floor…but Democrats who control the chamber decided to take the day off. Session was canceled today.

I know the majority party routinely advances large numbers of their own bills out of committee while ensuring our bills are blocked from consideration. I know it…but I will never get used to the fundamental unfairness to the millions of families Republicans represent.

Here’s the tally of bills that advanced out of committee in the House:

Out of Committee: Total of 489 Bills; Democrat 434 & Republican 55 – 11%

The latest word this morning is that the deadline has been extended to April 19 for 74 additional bills. You guessed it…62 of them are Democrat-sponsored bills.

Our House Republican Leader Tony McCombie expressed our frustration very well…

“Republicans showed up with good bills for consideration. Bans on kangaroos and exotic cats made the cut while Republican bills to reduce taxes, hold criminals accountable, and strengthen families were blocked by Democrats. The priorities of this chamber are upside down and it’s immoral to leave early while so much work remains,” Leader McCombie said.

Stand Your Ground

One of the bills blocked in the Rules Committee this week was a proposal I’m co-sponsoring called the Stand Your Ground Act.

While threats to public safety are on the rise, police departments are understaffed, and officers are being prevented from effectively doing their jobs.  This new Act would ensure that citizens forced to defend themselves in a potentially life-threatening situation would be able to do so without fear of criminal prosecution or civil liability.  It was blocked in the House Rules Committee this week, but our fight to protect our families and communities will continue.

Pushback on Bill to End Tipped Wages

Legislation that would end tipped wages for restaurant servers and other hospitality industry employees advanced to the House floor this week, despite growing pushback from industry workers themselves and bi-partisan opposition in the General Assembly.

Opposition grows over proposal to eliminate tipped wages in Illinois | Illinois |

Around the District

Congratulations to Marquis, Inc. in Hennepin, IL on being recognized by Biofuels Digest as the 7th hottest company in the advanced bioeconomy! Your work is truly making the 105th District and the State of Illinois better for all our families!

The solar eclipse is coming on Monday! The Illinois Emergency Management Agency has put together some suggestions to follow to ensure everyone can view and enjoy in safety.

BTW, we still have a few pairs of eclipse viewing glasses in the district office at 305 W. Madison in Pontiac. Stop by Monday morning if you need them!