Another Proposed Blow to Public Safety, Port Henry Planning Survey, Eureka College Grant, and More

More Dangerous Criminal Justice “Reform”

Just when you think the liberal left can’t cripple our law enforcement anymore, the above legislation was just introduced in the House by a Representative from Chicago.

Here is a real-life scenario of how this could play out: a vehicle is traveling through your neighborhood or mine at night. The vehicle has no headlights on, no license plates, no muffler, traveling 25mph above the posted limit, weaving in and out of the lane of traffic and the driver is three times the legal limit for DUI. If this bill passes and becomes law, I as a Deputy Sheriff can’t stop and investigate this vehicle. I must let it drive away and pray that it doesn’t hit and kill passengers in another vehicle. Who in the world thinks this is in our best interest?

Mr. Representative, if you want to ruin your city and county (Chicago, Cook) you go right ahead. Your citizens will continue to move away, close their businesses, and will continue to suffer under these ideas of so-called criminal justice reform. Never stand on the House floor and ask what we can do to return Chicago (and Illinois) to its once vibrant, safe tourist destination. Please stop this assault on our criminal justice system! You are making us all less safe.

Port Henry Planning Survey

As we’ve previously discussed in this newsletter, the City of Henry, in coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation, is conducting a Port Master Planning effort to elevate the economic future of Port Henry, the City of Henry, and the surrounding Central Illinois region.  Building on existing partnerships and with direction from key stakeholders, the master plan will provide key insights on the best land use in and around the new Port as it develops based on a detailed data driven market analysis that is grounded in local and regional business and civic expectations. 

As part of the study effort, a survey of area businesses involved in the movement of freight is being conducted to learn more about how goods are moved currently, plans for future adjustments and growth, and to ground the technical analysis based on current market needs.  The survey should take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete. All freight-related businesses in the 105th district are encouraged to access and complete the survey found at Make your voice heard!

State Grant Funding Coming to Eureka College

Some good news…The Independent Colleges Capital Investment Grant Program, a partnership between the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Capital Development Board, has awarded $400 million in grants to colleges and universities across the state.  In our 105th District, Eureka College received $3,080,934!

The goal of the program is to provide financial assistance to private, not-for-profit colleges and universities in Illinois for the construction, repair and renovation of infrastructure on campuses. Congratulations to Eureka College.

Scholarship Alert!

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association is awarding college scholarships throughout Illinois to students wishing to pursue higher education during the 2024-25 academic year. Applications are due by March 15.

Around the District

Thank you to everyone at Carle Health Greater Peoria for hosting me and my colleagues for a legislative breakfast at Methodist Hospital in Peoria. We discussed challenges facing patients and the hospital, such as staffing shortages, the rising number of incidents of workplace violence faced by healthcare workers, and the need for more support for mental and behavioral health services. Several initiatives being undertaken by Carle Health, such as their partnership with Methodist College, as well as their ever-expanding fleet of Mobile Health Clinics were highlighted in presentations by Senior Leadership.

Nurses, Doctors and Patients need our support now more than ever! I’m committed to do whatever I can to support them in their mission to serve Central and Southern Illinois.

Session Schedule

The Illinois House is back in session next Tuesday. We have six scheduled session days in February highlighted by the Governor’s combined Budget and State of the State Address on Wednesday, February 21. You can check out the House schedule here.