Nuclear Power, Gun Ban Injunction, Pontiac in the Spotlight, and More

Bipartisan nuclear power plant bill signed into law

The new Public Act 103-584 applies to small modular reactors which cannot generate enough heat to breach containment. Nuclear development will be key to ensuring future energy reliability and affordability for our families and businesses as state guidelines mandate a transition away from coal and other carbon-related energy sources.

After extended discussion and debate, HB 2473 was approved in its final form by both houses of the General Assembly during the November 2023 veto session. Many of the concerns expressed by stakeholders were dealt with by new safety and security language that had been worked out through negotiations.

U.S. Supreme Court declines to grant injunction against Illinois’ gun ban

Under provisions of the new “Protect Illinois Communities Act” owners of certain banned firearms face a December 31, 2023 deadline to register these firearms and items. As of mid-December, many Illinois firearms owners had not registered items under the terms provided by the Act and related rules.

The underlying State law, even though it has been enacted, remains subject to serious federal court challenge. As part of this appeal process, opponents of the ban and registration law have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to grant an injunction, however, late last week the Supreme Court declined to grant the requested injunction. Because the injunction was not issued, the Illinois State Police registration deadline remains in place while the underlying legal challenges continue.

Crisis pregnancy center law struck down by federal court

The State of Illinois statute originated by Attorney General Kwame Raoul was enacted in spring 2023, and was described by its proponents as a way to push crisis pregnancy centers out of operational status in Illinois.  Crisis pregnancy center are staffed by pro-life advocates who provide counseling and assistance to pregnant women to help them give birth to healthy babies.

Following passage of the statute, opponents sought an injunction which was granted, and enforcement of the flawed statute was halted one week after the bill was signed. Now, after scrutinizing the text of the new statute and the likely outcome of the case, Attorney General Raoul’s office has agreed to a settlement. Pro-life proponents of crisis pregnancy centers celebrated the legal agreement as a major victory.

Illinois minimum wage set to increase on January 1

In 2023, the minimum wage for non-tipped Illinois workers has been $13.00/hour. On New Year’s Day, this number will automatically increase to $14.00/hour. The minimum wage for tipped employees, who are overwhelmingly concentrated in the service industries and are mostly in food service, will go up from $7.80/hour to $8.40/hour.

These increases are mandated by a schedule enacted within the Illinois Minimum Wage Law.

Illinois law grants status to Honor and Remember Flags

The Honor and Remember Flag grants permanent standing to the family of an American who fell in combat.

During World War I and again in World War II, these families were granted the right to display a Gold Star in their windows as a sign that the family had offered the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  A bipartisan bill enacted in 2023, SB 1072, designates the Honor and Remember Flag as the symbol of the State’s concern for and commitment to honoring and remembering the lives of all members of the United States armed forces who have lost their lives while serving, or as a result of service, and to also honor their families. The Honor and Remember flag law will go into effect with other new State laws on January 1, 2024.

Around the District

Check out this article that spreads the word about how wonderful our town of Pontiac is…I couldn’t agree more! Every town in our 105th District has great things to offer.

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Job Alert! The IL Department of Corrections is hosting a screening event on Thursday, January 18th, 2024 at the Pontiac Rec Center – 900 E. Elm Street, Pontiac. This event is a screening for Corrections Officer Trainee and Corrections Treatment Officer Trainee applicants to bring great paying jobs with excellent benefit packages to our communities!

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