1st Day of “No Cash Bail”, Gun Ban Rules, Local Fall Foliage Gem, and More

No Cash Bail: Day 1

The Democrats’ SAFE-T Act was fully implemented statewide this week. For months, many have asked me what will happen when there is no longer cash bail? Well, wait no longer because I can tell you what happened in one of our local communities on the new law’s very first day:

One of our Deputies stopped a vehicle for speeding 90 mph in a 55 mph zone. During the investigation, it was determined the driver (a convicted felon, no valid FOID card) was in possession of methamphetamine and three loaded handguns in a bag in the back seat. The driver was arrested and taken to jail. At the court hearing that suspect was released from custody because the State could not prove one of two things that are required under this act, he was a flight risk, or he posed a threat to someone or the community.

After the hearing I asked the States Attorney what he would have asked for as a bond amount prior to implementation of the new law. His response, “six figures”.

It’s time we stand together and back our police officers, no matter your politics. Without the police we have anarchy.

State Police File Emergency Rules Ahead of Dems’ Gun Ban Implementation

The state law enforcement agency was required to take action to complete the implementation of the Democrats’ gun, gun accessory, and ammunition ban passed in Springfield this spring.

The rules require persons who are residents of Illinois, and who possess any of the items that will be banned going forward, to submit an “endorsement affidavit” to the State Police. The owner will be required to affirm that the banned items were legally purchased prior to the effective date of the new ban, which was January 10, 2023. Endorsement affidavits will be accepted starting October 1, 2023, and ending December 31, 2023. 

Meanwhile, court challenges continue. The judges of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals are currently weighing the constitutionality of the law.

Illinois Crops Enter Field-Drying Cycle

After periods of heavy rainfall in June and July throughout much of Illinois, the fields have begun to dry out. The recent dryer conditions are encouraging most of the standing corn and bean plantings of Illinois to move towards harvest.  The USDA reports that 70% of Illinois corn is “mature,” and 66% of the Illinois soybeans have begun dropping their leaves. Farmers will be testing their crops’ field moisture levels and preparing for harvest time. 

Around the District

Lexington CUSD #7 was the perfect intro to the IL Principal Association’s “Principal For A Day” program. Jennifer McCoy Junior High/High School Principal and her team did a phenomenal job showcasing the best of their school community.

Thank you to the Faculty and Students whose Minutemen Pride was evident throughout my visit!

Congratulations to the Adam Sommer Family on being named the Rural Business of the Year! Evergreen Farm Brewery in Metamora, IL we are proud of you.

Winter Heating Help

Heads up if you think you may need some help with your heating bills this winter!

A Local Fall Foliage Gem

A new ranking has tabbed an iconic state park in La Salle County as one of the best places in the U.S. to see fall foliage in the coming months.