Rep. Tipsword: Cash Bail Elimination Ruling is a Blow to the Safety of Our Communities

By a vote of 5-2 the Illinois Supreme Court today sided with legislative Democrats supporting the elimination of cash bail for violent offenders in Illinois. State Representative Dennis Tipsword, a 30-year law enforcement official, stressed that this cornerstone of the Democrats’ so-called SAFE-T Act has been fueling the dramatic rise in crime in Chicago, and all across Illinois.

“This is simply shameful. Illinois has one of the highest murder rates in the country, and criminals are now so emboldened they commit violent crimes in broad daylight with no fear of accountability,” Rep. Tipsword said. “Illinoisans deserve safe communities where they can live, work, and raise their families without fear, not a disastrous system that puts violent offenders back onto our streets within hours of their arrest. We must make it illegal again to be a criminal.”