Gun Ban, Office Grand Opening, County Fair Fun, and More

Democrat gun ban faces federal appellate court

The controversial law, which many (including me) believe violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners, is facing a panel of Seventh Circuit appellate judges.

Enacted by a “lame duck” session of the General Assembly in January 2023, the law contains provisions that ban certain types of firearms, firearm fittings, and ammunition in Illinois. Most House Republicans voted against the bill as a violation of the state and federal Constitution.

Current federal case law, from the U.S. Supreme Court, directs the federal district courts and appellate courts to grant full standing to the Second Amendment rights of individual Americans. Longstanding principles of constitutional law forbid the breach of a constitutional right except in cases of urgent, compelling public interest. Opponents of the 2023 Illinois gun law have presented evidence to the court that the law goes far beyond the requirements of compelling public interest.

CGFA  publishes fiscal numbers for final month of FY23

The recently-concluded fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2023, saw a wind-down of the unusual budget situation that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. The pandemic had a devastating effect on many Illinois economic sectors and workers in 2020. Then, a massive outburst of government stimulus spending, underwritten by the federal government, created new money velocity associated with rapidly rising inflation. During this period Illinois was getting more money from the federal government and was simultaneously getting more money from general revenue tax flows tied to price levels and inflation, such as the State sales tax. In association with these two trends, in FY22 Illinois actually ran a general-funds budget surplus – the first time this had happened in decades.

The numbers generated by CGFA, the General Assembly’s budget monitoring arm, for FY23, show that this unusual event could not be sustained. During the final months of FY23, including June 2023, State general funds receipts fell short of those that had been posted in comparable months of FY22 on a year-over-year basis. This shortfall in State income and sales tax receipts came despite the continued presence of significant inflation in employee payrolls, retail stores, utility bills, and at the gas pump. As FY23 came to an end, underlying State of Illinois base tax revenues were actually falling, not rising.

New legislative office grand opening/business after hours

Such a warm Pontiac, IL Welcome yesterday as Team Tipsword celebrated with a Grand Opening and Chamber Ribbon Cutting of our new District 105 Office! Hope Center received many donated items and we had an opportunity to say THANK YOU to our constituents who joined in the fun. Our hearts are full of gratitude today for your generosity as we begin our great work together to help those who need our support and resources!

Come on out to the Marshall Putnam County Fair!

Food, fun and family won the day at Marshall Putnam County Fair Kick-Off Dinner! It was great to see familiar faces and meet new ones too! Such a welcoming crowd! Hats off to the volunteers who did a great job.

The Fair runs through Sunday, so come on out and join in the fun!