Com Ed Four Corruption, Where’s the Budget, Honoring Fallen Officers, and More

Com Ed Four Guilty Verdicts Spotlight Continuing Corruption…Madigan Trial is Next

A Federal Jury this week found all defendants in the “Com-Ed Four” corruption trial guilty of bribery-related charges. This verdict is only the beginning. The man who used to lead the House of Representatives, former Speaker Mike Madigan, will soon himself go to trial for crimes usually reserved for mob bosses and gangsters.

The families we represent have a right to fair and honest representation and anything less is completely unacceptable. As Representatives we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. To stop corruption in Illinois, we need to pass stronger ethics reform…now.  Without action by the General Assembly, corruption will continue to thrive in state government.

Firearms Ban Update-It’s Now Enforceable

Late Thursday the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals granted the Pritzker Administration’s motion to “stay” the preliminary injunction that had blocked enforcement of the Democrats’ new gun ban law. That means the law is now enforceable.  The Appeals Court order granting the stay can be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Federal appeals court reverses injunction on Illinois’ gun and magazine ban | Illinois |

Where’s the Budget?

With two short weeks now left in our scheduled legislative session we have yet to see any state budget proposals emerging from the majority party.

Meanwhile, tax receipts for the month dropped $1.84 billion below year-earlier numbers. While a decline had been projected, this shortfall was dramatically higher than the projections.

The sharp decline in April 2023 revenue will have a chilling effect on overall revenue numbers during the remainder of FY23 and into FY24.  Based on these new numbers, the nonpartisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (CGFA) has reduced its projection of the State’s FY23 tax-fueled cash flows by $728 million. CGFA has also been compelled to adjust its numbers for FY24. The State now expects to bring in barely enough money to meet its existing spending commitments for the new fiscal year that will start on July 1.

We must get control over state government’s massive, momentum-driven need to continually spend money we simply do not have.

Remembering and Honoring Fallen Officers

Thursday was a somber day at the Capitol this week as law enforcement from across the state traveled to Springfield for our annual memorial ceremony to mourn and to honor those who have lost their lives in the line of duty over the past year. I’m praying for the year when we don’t have a single new name to add to the memorial on the Capitol lawn. We need to work together in the General Assembly to pass laws that support law enforcement.

Around the House

CASA staff and staff from Safe Journeys/ADV & SAS and Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence visited me in Springfield to discuss sexual assault services, legislation and funding affecting IL rape crisis centers and the survivors/communities they serve. Thank you to these incredible agencies for the work you do every day to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Back in the District

I had a great day attending the Edgar Fellows Reception and having an opportunity to interact with the Honorable Former Governor Jim Edgar. Thank you for your great work and your many years of public service to the people of Illinois!

It was such an informative conversation this week with ISBE State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tony Sanders, local District Superintendents, fellow legislative colleagues Senator Tom Bennett as our host, and Rep. Jason Bunting who participated in this Leadership Roundtable. Thanks for the invitation to learn more about how to help our schools navigate teacher shortages, constrained budgets, state test scores and more!