Update-Soft on Crime, Supreme Court Hears Cash Bail Arguments, Madigan Trial and More

Bills Out of Committee-Soft on Crime Policy Continues

This week House members spent a lot of time on the floor, considering legislation that the Democrat majority allowed to advance through committees in the past few weeks. Here are a few of the final committee numbers:

  • There were 2,643 total bills that advanced out of Rules Committee and assigned to standing committees for hearings – 348 of those are Republican bills and the remaining 2,295 are Democrat bills.
  • House Bills out of Committee to the House Floor: 71 Republican bills and 528 Democrat bills (shell bills not included).

With that said, I can see a common theme coming from House Democrats this spring:  the push from them to go easy on criminals continues. Several bills were debated in Judiciary-Criminal that if passed on the house floor would give a path for parole to inmates sentenced for very long periods up to natural life. In particular HB2045 states if you are sentenced to natural life in prison, but you are 55 years old and have served 25 years in prison you will be allowed to submit your petition to the Prisoner Review Board asking for a parole hearing. This passed with all Republicans and one Democrat against and nine Democrats for.

In addition, HB3380 would do away with our habitual criminal statute. Basically, this statute states that if you are convicted of three serious felonies in a twenty year period you are deemed a habitual criminal and will be sentenced to natural life in prison. The abolition of this statute passed out of committee on a partisan vote of 10 Democrats for and 5 Republicans against. Both of these bills are awaiting consideration on the House floor.

Please keep in mind we are talking about the worst of the worst criminals, they were not “J” walkers. They left a wake of crime and destruction with countless victims and families who will never have the chance to see their loved ones again.

This madness has to stop.

Illinois Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Constitutionality of Ending Cash Bail in Illinois

Illinois Supreme Court Justices on Tuesday directed questions to both sides of the dispute over whether the end of cash bail is Constitutional. A final decision is not expected for several weeks.


ComEd Four’ Trial brings Madigan’s Corruption back into Spotlight

Over 100 government recorded conversations and phone calls will be featured throughout the ongoing ‘ComEd Four’ corruption trial. Opening statements began on Wednesday of this week in the federal corruption case that will shine light on details of a decade-long scheme to bribe and influence former longtime House Speaker Mike Madigan with lucrative lobbying contracts and no-show jobs.


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