Update-Metamora Redbirds honored, Illinois’ bond rating, Local bridge work coming, and More

Metamora Redbirds in the House!

This week the House unanimously passed three resolutions I introduced to honor the amazing athletes from Metamora Grade School…and the Redbirds were in the House gallery to watch! You can watch by clicking the link below.

House Resolution 97 honors the 7th Grade Metamora Grade School Boys Basketball Team for an undefeated season that made them 2022-2023 Elementary School Association Class 3A State Champions.

House Resolution 98 honors the 8th Grade Metamora Grade School Boys Basketball team for a an outstanding 3rd place finish in the Class 3A finals.

House Resolution 99 honors the Metamora Grade School Cheer Team for a wonderful 3rd place finish in the Illinois Elementary School Association State Finals in the Small Cheer Division.

Congratulations to the athletes, parents, coaches and staff! It was great to host you in the House!

Talking about legislation on Talk Radio

I had a good conversation this week with Tom Miller, host of Morning Newswatch on WJPF radio. We discussed legislation I’m sponsoring, priorities, and other issues we’re dealing with in the House this spring. Thank you, Tom, for the opportunity. You can listen–in below.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Dennis Tipsword | March 1, 2023 | Newsradio WJPF

Illinois’ credit rating upgraded from worst to tied for worst

Illinois’ credit rating got upgraded from worst in the country to tying with New Jersey for the worst. For a seventh time in two years, Illinois’ credit rating was increased recently with the announcement from S&P Global ratings.

Illinois’ outstanding $27.7 billion GO bonds were upgraded from BBB+, the worst in the country, to A-, tied with New Jersey GO bond ratings. The last time Illinois had the A- rating was in December 2015.

The state’s appropriation-backed debt saw an increase from BBB to BBB+ and moral obligation debt from B+ to BBB-. Build Illinois bonds, paid for with gas tax and other fee increases, goes from A- to A.

Illinois’ credit upgrade cannot fully make up for the effect of rising global interest rates. Illinois taxpayers will continue to pay higher interest rates in 2023 on the State’s outstanding multi-billion-dollar debt load than was paid in 2022 and previous years.   

State Police Switch from Patrol Districts to Troops

ISP said the new patrol structure will allow the organization to better meet the needs of the public while combating a shortage of law enforcement officers across the country.


 Bridge Work

Heads up! The Illinois 17 bridge at Lacon will close to all traffic on March 18 through November for construction. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, when complete, 7,000 daily vehicles will enjoy a smoother, safer ride for years to come!


Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month — a celebration of the great women who have led our nation forward throughout history. Join us in recognizing the amazing achievements of women from Illinois and across the U.S. this month.

Members of the House Republican Caucus have an extra reason to celebrate…our new House Republican Leader, State Representative Tony McCombie, has made history as the first woman to hold the position of Minority Leader in the Illinois House. Happy Women’s History Month!

Around the District

Traveling Office Hours in towns throughout the district are being finalized. Dates and locations will be announced soon. Stay tuned!