Rep. Tipsword Introduces Legislation to Protect Illinois Families

Rep. Tipsword has introduced legislation he hopes to pass this spring that will help protect families in our district and across Illinois.

Rep Tipsword (R-Metamora) has made protecting families’ right to defend themselves a priority this spring. He has filed legislation (HB 2922) to eliminate Firearm Owners ID cards in Illinois. In addition, he is sponsoring a potential amendment to the Illinois Constitution (HJRCA 0009) that would ensure Illinois gun owners not only have the right to own firearms, but to carry them as well.

“Every spring, legislators on the other side of the aisle push a barrage of bills that chip away at our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights, and our right to protect ourselves and our families. It’s no surprise that crime has been on the rise in Illinois,” Rep. Tipsword said. “It’s past time to reverse course and to protect law abiding gun owners, so they can help protect their families.”

This spring, Rep. Tipsword is also proposing new legislation to help protect seniors and other vulnerable members of our communities. House Bill 2921 will establish a new statewide 5-year pilot program that will provide grants to counties and municipalities interested in maintaining a local recovery program for individuals who wander due to medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism and others. Under the program, those who wander can receive a bracelet that emits a unique radio signal that would be identified and tracked by search teams.

 Rep. Tipsword has also filed legislation targeted at preventing voter fraud in Illinois elections. House Bill 2928 would require voters to present an acceptable photo ID or a voter identification card to cast an in-person ballot. For mail-in ballots, new guidelines would be put in place for comparing the signature on the ballot with the voter’s signature on file. Additional legislation (HB 2929) would put new procedures in place for ensuring deceased voters are routinely removed from the voter rolls.

“These are simple, common-sense steps we need to take to ensure our elections are secure and honest,” Rep. Tipsword said.

You can view a complete list of legislation Representative Tipsword is sponsoring here.