Rep. Tipsword Reacts to Gov. Pritzker’s Budget Proposal

State Representative Dennis Tipsword today said much of the Governor’s  budget plan for Fiscal Year 2024 will be a “non-starter” for him. Tipsword (R-Metamora) said the $49.6 billion plan continues the long Democrat tradition of spending money we don’t have and taxing families and employers to pay for it.

“In a nutshell, the Governor is using temporary and on time revenues to justify putting new, ongoing spending programs in place. Even the State Comptroller from his own party has cautioned against that type of policy,” said Rep. Tipsword. “When the temporary revenue sources dry up, taxpayers will again be left footing the bill.”

Recent spending expansions without a revenue source include: minimum wage increases, funding needed to enact the SAFE-T Act, the Reimagine Public Safety Act and more.

Rep. Tipsword stressed that all priorities need to be heard and considered in the state budget process this spring. He said putting together a responsible state budget should begin by adopting an agreed revenue estimate and then limiting spending accordingly. He also said lawmakers and taxpayers themselves need more access to participate in hearings, and more time to review proposals before they are called before the House for a vote. 

“How we plan to spend $50 billion of the taxpayers’ money needs to be open for discussion and public review. Transparency is a must,” Rep. Tipsword said.

Rep. Tipsword also noted that Democrats have already announced that they plan to again push a progressive income tax increase that was resoundingly rejected by voters in 2020.

“Working families are hurting. In my district, families need property tax relief…and we need relief from the estate tax that is destroying family farms,” Rep. Tipsword said. “Working families need safety and opportunity…NOT bigger government and higher taxes.”